Frank Baumgartner: Racial bias plagues Florida’s death penalty

Christmas Memories from Death Row Forty Christmases Later: Spending the Holidays on Death Row

By Ron Keine, Witness to Innocence It is Christmas time on the row. At night I can hear the muffled sounds of a grown man crying in his pillow. His trusty pillow which is his only safe confidant as emotions are seen as weakness in prison and can even get you killed. Everywhere in the […]
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#NEWS: Governor Fallin Issues 37 Day Stay of Execution for Richard Glossip

Minutes before he was scheduled to be executed, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin granted Richard Glossip a last minute 37 day stay of execution due to new questions regarding Oklahoma’s lethal injection drugs. BuzzFeed reports: “Fallin said the stay was to address legal questions raised today about Oklahoma’s
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