Meeting In a Box Toolkit

Meeting In a Box Toolkit


Welcome to Your 90 Million Strong

Meeting In a Box Toolkit

Tools to share information and action opportunities, as we work to end executions and the death penalty in America.

Tap the tools! The 90 Million Strong campaign offers you a toolkit of materials to help engage people interested in stopping all executions and ending the death penalty.  There is also a host of facts and other information for those who may not yet have an opinion.  Learn more about the 90 Million Strong campaign too. The time is now to make our voices heard!

Engage supporters!  We encourage you to reach out to all of your social networks to find prospective allies in this movement and don’t hesitate to arrange a small or larger group meeting to discuss the flaws of the death penalty and the paths toward repeal.  This toolkit can help you host your own gathering, whether it’s with a group of friends, people active in your community or anywhere that you may have the opportunity to engage people in the work to halt executions and end the death penalty.

Seize opportunities!  You may also belong to clubs or participate in groups such as the League of Women Voters, the Knights of Columbus or other of the many faith and civic organizations where you can volunteer to help spread the word about this inhumane practice.  Remember that sharing why you personally are opposed to the death penalty may make the most difference!

The 90 Million Strong campaign reminds us that we stand with so many fellow citizens who want all executions stopped and an end to capital punishment.

If we each do something, and ask another (or more) to take an action, we will make this happen!


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