#NCADP40: Acknowledging 40 Years of Action, a New Year of Strength

#NCADP40: Acknowledging 40 Years of Action, a New Year of Strength

By Diann Rust-Tierney, NCADP
As we mark the milestone of one year into the launch of the 90 Million Strong Campaign, 17 national organizations connecting an estimated 90 million people have pledged to work together to end the death penalty. Heading into 2016, we will be stepping up our coordinating efforts to raise the issue in our combined networks, connect with lawmakers and educate the public.

The end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 also mark the 40th anniversary of the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty. For 40 years, NCADP has led on the issue raising public awareness, changing attitudes and moving public policy. Over the years, we have built and supported the network of independent grassroots organizations and volunteers that are currently the backbone of the abolition movement and the struggle to end the death penalty.

We launched the Stop Killing Kids Campaign in 1995 to raise awareness about juvenile offenders being sentenced to death and executed. We saved the lives of two juveniles facing capital charges through our public awareness and grassroots organizing efforts. In 2004, we worked in South Dakota and Wyoming to pass legislation excluding juveniles from execution. South Dakota and Wyoming were among the states cited by the Supreme Court as evidence of a national consensus against executions for juveniles when they outlawed the practice in 2005. We played a pivotal role ending the death penalty in Illinois, New Mexico and Maryland and provided critical support to successful efforts elsewhere.

We are gratified by the incredible progress that has been made in this struggle. We are grateful for our national partners, new allies, network of state affiliates, and activists who are making this progress possible. With your continued support and advocacy, we will #haltallexecutions.

Together, let’s celebrate #ncadp40 and the power that makes us all #90MStrong!

Read Diann’s complete anniversary statement here.

Author: Press Team

We mobilize and engage the millions of Americans who oppose the death penalty to bring about an end to the practice once and for all. Contact us at info@90millionstrong.org

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